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Yin Yoga for Healthy Aging and Healthy Joints

Do you feel like you always have achy joints? You might work at a desk and wonder why your knees, back, or hips ache when you haven't done any physical labor all day long. The truth is that inactivity will cause achy joints faster than moving around. Here's why. What starts happening with prolonged sitting is the muscles, and their connective tissues begin to shrink.

You see, the fascia AKA connective tissue in our body is like a web that weaves throughout. The thick, dense fascia around the joints shrinks throughout the body over time, which affects the major joints such as the hips, knees, shoulders, and spine. Today, we know that there are lots of health problems linked to inactivity. Your body gets used to being in the same position for so long, it makes it hard to move, but that's only part of the problem. The inactivity breeds more stasis because it hurts to move, so you become sluggish. The physical issues cause depression and irritability as well. And you ultimately age faster.

The good news is that you can do something about it with just a little effort. Yin Yoga for the joints has vast benefits on healthy aging as well. In using Yin Yoga for the joints, the idea is to create space in the connective tissues of the body to improve one's range of motion, clear energy blockages, and relieve tension. The practice of Yin Yoga for healthy aging makes sense because it's a gentle activity, which can be modified to work for all fitness levels and ages. After all, one of the natural challenges of aging well is mobility.

Yin Yoga for healthy aging uses floor postures to improve flexibility and breathing techniques for relaxation. The result of working with Yin Yoga for the joints is beneficial in all areas of your life as it opens the space on your inner landscape and gives you a feeling of freedom in your body. Do you want to age healthy with joints that don't ache all the time? Then get in touch with Journey Yinward today for a better-feeling tomorrow.

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