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Staying connected now is more important than ever! 

About the online yoga experience...

There are multiple camera views so you can see the best possible angle of the posture.  From the Instruction perspective I have a gallery view of all that are joining in the class so you are given supportive feedback and suggestions just like in the studio. Beautiful relaxing music is streaming in the background to take you into deep relaxation while you listen to clear instructions to get you into the postures and the benefits of the postures.

The video call is through Zoom, it's super easy to create a basic account and download on your computer, tablet, iPhone or laptop. The basic plan with Zoom is free.  If you have the Unlimited 14 Days  or Monthly Unlimited yoga membership you will receive an automated email each morning with the links for the online classes offered that day.  If you purchase a Single class you will receive the link on the day of your session.

For your first session please check in 15 minutes prior to class so can set up your laptop or computer so you can easily view during the practice.  In addition to this being live online classes you have the option to visit with other yoga peeps after the session just like after a studio session. Staying connected now is more important that ever!
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