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Online Live Classes

Bikram Yoga is a systematic approach to Hatha yoga. It consists of 26 postures and two breathing exercises. The postures are practiced in the same sequence each practice allows you the practitioner to learn the sequence and then see how your body changes with each session. You will improve, balance, brain to body communication, flexibility, strength, & stamina. You will tap into your powerhouse of energy with the Spine Strengthening series. This practice focuses on the health of your spine while stimulating cleansing in all the internal systems. You wake your body up with fresh oxygenated circulation and amplify your life-force!  

Bikram Yoga

Yin Yoga for the Joints

All Levels

Yin Yoga is a relaxing practice that consists primarily of floor postures with long holds that allow the connective tissues and joints to appropriately expand.  No experience is necessary to begin this practice, it is for all levels. Especially beneficial for healing or recovering from injuries. Each practice allows time for deep relaxation, energy nourishment and quiet time to tune into the valuable feedback of your body.

In my Virtual Online Yoga studio, I offer a Yin & Yang Yoga class that provides a holistic approach to improving your balance, strength, brain to body communication, and spine health. This class begins with long holds that create space in your connective tissues and joints, before transitioning to postures of movement. This fusion of movement and stillness achieves seasonal balance in both your body and mind, leaving you feeling rejuvenated and empowered.

QiGong Energy Cultivation Exercises

The body has an innate intelligence to heal itself.  Abilities are determined by the quality of personal Qi ( Chi, aka Lifeforce) and its flow. Qi is the guiding force that informs all your organs, and every aspect of your well-being.  This is where mind, body Spirit healing comes in.

Imbalances begin on the Qi level then show up as physical manifestations of “disease.”  To awaken the body's natural healing we must go to the Qi level.


Qigong is a powerful way of stimulating the flow of energy in the body. From the Taoist traditions, Qigong is a powerful ancient energy practice that knows how to communicate with the body to build balance. Qigong has been shown to strengthen the immune system, help alter metabolic rates, harmonize endocrine system function, calm the nervous system, among a wide range of positive health effects. 

There are many different forms of Qigong. The Wu Ming Qigong system is type of Qigong that uses simple yet powerful energy movements that encourage energy to flow through the meridians ( energy highways of the body) It is a "Practice" based system rather than a "Form" based Qigong system.

There is no limit to what the 37 trillion cells in your body can do!

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