Use Yin Yoga for Healing Injuries

Yin is a type of yoga that complements more vigorous exercise and active forms of yoga. Consequently, using Yin Yoga for healing injuries that take a prolonged recovery time works well for patients. In Yin Yoga, the focus is to create space in the connective tissues by using a combination of breathing, stretching, and long holds. The floor postures are simple, and the instructor can modify them to meet the needs of the injury.

Yin Yoga for injuries provides a more comfortable form of therapy for healing injuries than sitting in a brightly lit hospital room. The atmosphere is relaxing and gentle, which helps alleviate any anxiety a person may have when they anticipate the pain involved in moving around.

The improved range of motion that people notice when they practice Yin Yoga is a result of floor postures that they learn to hold for two minutes and longer. The movements are simple but not necessarily easy; however, the challenge is what also provides the benefit, as in most therapies.

At its core, Yin Yoga is a practice of stillness. It clears energy blockages in the meridians of the body, allowing the energy to flow freely to muscles, ligaments, organs, and so forth. The poses aren't designed to elevate the heart rate, but rather to relax and slow down. In using Yin Yoga for healing injuries, you'll find that there's very little expenditure of energy; instead, there is a release from tension.

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