Open Space on the Inner Landscape with Yin Yoga

Updated: Feb 22, 2020

Your body adapts to what you do. These are powerful words! Think about what you do for long periods of time daily. What we all do in our modern day world is spend hours daily sitting. Sitting in your car driving, sitting at a desk at work, on a computer, etc. These are just a few examples, some sit for a few hours many in corporate jobs sit all day. What begins to happen from sitting is the shortening of muscles and connective tissues. Maybe you stand for long periods of time daily looking down with your shoulders rounding forward and chest sinking inward. It's the long periods of sitting without movement that is now linked to many health related problems.

Add exercise or sports after hours of sitting daily, the movement is great for improving circulation, stamina and cardiovascular conditioning but without proper stretching from repetitious movements muscles become overdeveloped and this contributes to more tightening in the body. Stress is always the biggest contributing factor in causing contracting in the body from the Fight or Flight stress response.

Fascia( Connective Tissue) is like a web woven through the muscle tissues, the bones, thick dense fascia around the joints, fascia is even woven through and around the organs and glands in the body. Over time and cumulative stress held in the body the connective tissues shrink throughout the body which affects the major joints in the body like the hips, knees, shoulders and the spine.

In Yin Yoga the focus is to create space in the connective tissues of the body with long holds which leads to improved range of motion in the joints, clears energy blockages in the meridians, and relieves the feeling to tension that is held deep in the body. The practice consists of floor postures that are held for two minutes and longer, simple but not easy. The time in the postures is a benefit but also a challenge, to move into tight areas of the body and be still. The result is open space on the inner landscape and a feeling of freedom in the body.

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